A Well-Crafted Approach To Patient Care

We’ve taken the time to develop a strategy that enables our teams to provide a consistent, high standard of care across the communities we serve.

5 Components Of Our Strategy

For us, everything begins with culture. We work hard to help create dental practices where talented people love to work. With an emphasis on our corporate ethos, we’re on a mission to build the leading dental service group in New England.


Grow Periodontal Programs Across Practices.

Periodontal disease affects about half of the entire adult population. Treating this serious gum infection poses a massive opportunity. Dr. Kevin Guze, a board-certified periodontist, is eager to share his knowledge with team members regarding diagnosing and treating this condition, increasing the bottom line, and enhancing patient outcomes.


Integrate Multi-Specialty Care.

By integrating multi-specialty care, we can reduce the need for costly and inconvenient referrals. As a result, patients get dental treatments in one setting, enhancing their experience and enabling us to capture that revenue! The average practice refers out $200,000 in dental treatment to specialists. We’re focused on changing that.


Over 100 Years Of Chairside Experience.

Over the years, our team members have developed many successful practices and the lessons learned are integrated into everything we do. We’re devoted to imparting this knowledge this knowledge to our new associates – an advantage that attracts top talent to our group.


Gain Access To Dental Professionals.

Through our strong relationships with the leading dental schools in New England, we can directly connect with new graduates looking to join a winning team. The reputation of our leadership team is impeccable, and our commitment to continual development and learning makes WorkWell Dental Group a natural choice for many dentists looking to work and live well.


Leverage Our Conservative Financial Structure.

As a private company, we’re not pressured to make decisions that satisfy quarterly objectives and impatient investors. Our team is committed to a long-term vision based on positive cash flow. We want to grow, but we want to grow the right way. This includes minimal debt and maximum flexibility while focusing on acquiring practices that fit our culture and commitment to people from the start.